Ruixiang Du

Site Migrated from Octopress to Jekyll

Finally I’ve decided to move my site from using Octopress to Jekyll. I’ve used Octopress for about one year. It is easy to set up a personal website using Octopress when you are totally new to static site generators. But when you know more and want to do more customizations, it becomes a little too complicated (at least for me). At first I planned to wait a little bit for Octopress 3.0 to be released and see if it can give me some surprise. But after reading this discussion post, I started to think if I should move to Jekyll. As the author of Octopress mentioned, “Essentially, Octopress 3.0 will be better suited to Jekyll users than Octopress users, at least initially”. So what would you think after seeing this statement?

I’m not a web developer and I don’t want to spend time on learning various of web frameworks or templating/styling languages. What I want is to read through documentations, find a nice template and tweaks a little to get what I want, with my limited knowledge of HTML and CSS (and of course Google). Jekyll is popular and after looking through its official website and a theme gallery site, I feel it’s worth a try. Fortunately, the migration went pretty smoothly. I’m happy with Jekyll so far.