Ruixiang Du

Use STM32 Peripheral Library with emIDE

emIDE is a open source IDE for embedded development. It integrates GCC toolchain and provides JLink support for debugging. Compared with other free, open source alternatives, it’s much easier to start with. This blog introduces how to configure emIDE to write programs for STM32 MCU with standard peripheral library. The MCU used in this example is STM32F103T8. The library used is STM32F10x_StdPeriph_Lib_V3.5.0 from ST. And the debugger probe is JLink EDU.

Remote Desktop of Ubuntu 12.04

Install xRDP package:

Disable Guest Account in Ubuntu

Sometimes you may feel annoying to accidentally login to the guest account on you personal computer. But unlike Mac OS, you cannot disable this account directly from “System Settings”.

Install Eclipse in Ubuntu

First make sure you have installed JAVA in ubuntu to run Eclipse.

Software Upgrade for Turtlebot

This article briefly illustrates how to upgrade the software of turtlebot to Ubuntu 12.04 & ROS Groovy from earlier versions. Several issues that may occur during the upgrade are stated as the supplement of official tutorials from ROS wiki.

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