Ruixiang Du

Using QT in ROS Catkin Packages

Rviz plugins are basically QT widgets. CMakeLists.txt of the ROS package using QT needs to be modified accordingly for the compilation. ROS wiki provides several tutorials/examples about how to write a plugin for Rviz and how to configure the package. However, these materials are mainly for rosbuild. This article introduces how to use QT in ROS catkin packages, in other words, how to use QT for a package of ROS Groovy/Hydro or later. This article shows how to write the CMakeLists.txt for a package, which uses librviz for visualization.

Install Java Plugin for Web Browers on Ubuntu

Java plugin is required to download certificates for WPI wireless. It’s often required for other applications. Here is a summary of how to do this on Ubuntu.

Setting Up Two Custom Domains for Github Pages

According to offical tutorial, “You can only have one custom domain for any given set of Pages. If you want multiple domains to point to the same Pages, you will need to use a service that can redirect the other domains to your Pages domain.”

How to use Eclipse for CMAKE Projects


A Tutorial of CMAKE

CMAKE is widely used in many open-source projects. It’s also necessary to lean about it for your own projects.

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