Ruixiang Du

Research Interests

My research focus is on the control and motion planning of mobile robots to make them more reactive to obstacles and capable of making safe and agile movements in cluttered and dynamic environments. I’m also interested in robot simulation and human-robot collaboration on challenging tasks.



  • “Human-in-the-Loop Control of a Humanoid Robot for Disaster Response: A Report from the DARPA Robotics Challenge Trials,”, DeDonato, M., Dimitrov, V., Du, R., Giovacchini, R., Knoedler, K., Long, X., Polido, F., Gennert, M., Padir, T., Feng, S., Moriguchi, H., Whitman, E., Xinjilefu, X., Atkeson, C., Journal of Field Robotics, Volume 32, Pages 275-292, 2015

  • “Team WPI-CMU: Achieving Reliable Humanoid Behavior in the DARPA Robotics Challenge”, DeDonato, M., Polido, F., Knoedler, K., Babu, B. P. W., Banerjee, N., Bove, C. P., Cui, X., Du, R., Franklin, P., Graff, J. P., He, P., Jaeger, A., Li, L., Berenson, D., Gennert, M. A., Feng, S., Liu, C., Xinjilefu, X., Kim, J., Atkeson, C. G., Long, X. and Padır, T, Journal of Field Robotics, doi:10.1002/rob.21685, 2017


In Proceedings

  • “Human-Supervised Control of the ATLAS Humanoid Robot for Traversing Doors,”, Nandan Banerjee, Xianchao Long, Ruixiang Du, Felipe Polido, Siyuan Feng, Christopher Atkeson, Michael Gennert, Taskin Padir, IEEE Humanoids 2015

  • “NO FALLS, NO RESETS: Reliable Humanoid Behavior in the DARPA Robotics Challenge,”, Christopher Atkeson, Nandan Banerjee, Dmitry Berenson, Mathew DeDonato, Ruixiang Du, Siyuan Feng, Joohyung Kim, Kevin Knoedler, Chenggang Liu, Xianchao Long, Felipe Polido, Michael Gennert, Taskin Padir, X Xinjilefu, Benzun Pious Wisely Babu, Christopher Bove, Joshua Graff, Peng He, Aaron Jaeger, Lening Li, IEEE Humanoids 2015

  • “Image Stitching Techniques for An Intelligent Portable Aerial Surveillance System,”, Ruixiang Du, Taskin Padir, IEEE TePRA 2014 (pdf)


  • “Robotics Enabled In-Home Environment Screening for Fall Risks,”, Ruixiang Du, Vinayak Jagtap, Yanren Long, Oke Onwuka, Taskin Padir, ACM MobiSys 2014 - Proceedings of the 2014 workshop on Mobile augmented reality and robotic technology-based systems, Pages 9-12 (pdf)

Master Thesis:

  • “An Intelligent Portable Aerial Surveillance System:Modeling and Image Stitching,”, Ruixiang Du, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 2013 (pdf)

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