Ruixiang Du

Control and Motion Planning for Quadrotors in Simulation

Currently the code repository for this project includes the following:

  • quadrotor simulations: AscTec Hummingbird, 3DR Solo,Bitcraze Crazyflie 2
  • quaternion-based attitude and position controller
  • space partitioning data structures (square grid, quadtree, 3d cube array)
  • class templates for graph construction and A* search, GitHub Repo
  • basic visualization of graph/search and workspace decomposition
  • minimum-snap polynomial trajectory optimization
  • integration with OMPL for sample-based planning (RRT*)
  • integration with Octomap for efficient 3D environment representation
  • integration with LCM for inter-process communication
  • integration with ROS for advanced data visualization
  • integration with g3log for simulation data logging
  • a QT-based application for log data plotting

Quadrotor Simulation:

Trajectory Generation and Tracking

2D Workspace Decomposition and A* Search

Plotting of Log Data