Ruixiang Du

Robot Simulation Toolkit

This project aims at making a collection of tools for robot simulation. The project takes advantages of existing open-source libraries and frameworks, making modifications to best accommodate robotic applications. Currently V-REP is used for the physics-based simulation. G3LOG is integrated to provide the logging function for debugging and system performance evaluation. LCM and ROS are experimented to bridge different frameworks and provide access to various robotic packages. The following robot models are supported for use of research work in the lab: the 2-link Pelican experimental robot arm, the AscTec Hummingbird Quadrotor and an ackerman-steering RC car. For more information, refer to the wiki page of this project.

Simulation of a Manipulator:

Simulation of Mobile Robots:

A sample of the log generated by g3log:

The data in the log file can be easily plotted in Matlab:

Joint Position Tracking Error of the Simulated 2-link Arm